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3 Tips For Making A Home Winter-Storm Ready

Winter storms can be a big problem in parts of the US. The Midwest in particular gets hit with snow, wind, and freezing temperatures during the winter months. These storms can lead to property damage for homeowners who are not prepared. Power loss and other effects from a winter storm can also make staying at home a very uncomfortable experience after a winter storm rolls through. Here are three tips for making a home winter storm ready.

Get A Generator

One of the biggest hassles involved with winter storms is losing power. Around 19 percent of all power outages are caused by winter weather. The problem with loss of electricity is that it can lead to a home getting cold very quickly. Investing in a generator is a great way to keep the home comfortable when a winter storm knocks out the power. Standby generators are a great choice for homeowners in areas that are frequently affected by winter storms. These generators turn on automatically when the power goes out even if the homeowners are away from home. The average cost to install a home generator is between $1,089 and $5,568.

Install Storm Windows

Older windows are one of the biggest reasons that home's lose heat during the winter months. Energy efficient windows that are well sealed are a great line of defense from the cold of a winter storm. However, new windows can be pricey. One way to get most of the benefits of new windows without the cost is by installing storm windows. These windows are manufactured to fit over existing windows, either on the inside or outside. They improve energy efficiency and protect the home from the elements. The cost to install these windows ranges from $1,354 to $4,827.

Make Sure The Roof Is Ready

A roof failure during a winter storm can be catastrophic. However, it is something that can happen. Making sure the roof can hold up to the weight of snow and ice is incredibly important. A roof inspection can help homeowners determine how well their roofs are holding up. This costs on average $224 and can help homeowners determine whether or not it's time for a roof replacement. Installing a new roof runs between $4,690 and $9,034 on average. However, it may be worth the investment in order to keep a home safe during winter storms.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on a home. Making a home winter storm ready involves preparation before the winter season. Homeowners should consider installing a standby generator in case of power failure. Storm windows can help insulate a home and protect it from the elements. A roof inspection and possibly a roof replacement are also musts in order to keep a home safe and structurally sound during severe winter weather.