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Tips to Keep Family & Pets Safe from Mosquitos

Homeowners frequently use pest removal services to eliminate insect problems in their home but these same companies also have solutions for outdoor pests as well. Mosquitoes are much more than just another buzzing, annoying insect. They have the potential to expose people and animals to some dangerous diseases. Numerous government agencies work to find solutions that will control the population and reduce the risk of disease but mosquitoes are hardy creatures that continue to be problematic.

A proactive approach is what is needed for homeowners to make their own yards less appealing to the annoying parasite. 

Be Aware of Risks

A single mosquito buzzing around a bedroom is enough to prevent the unfortunate occupants of the room from getting the sleep they need. Their buzzing is annoying and their bites are incredibly itchy but the biggest problem is the potential diseases the bite could spread. New Jersey residents are at risk of contracting both West Nile Virus and the Zika virus. Chikungunya, a disease that causes severe flu-like symptoms, was also diagnosed in New Jersey residents in 2014. Dogs and cats are most at risk of developing heartworms from mosquito bites and Eastern Equine Encephalitis is often fatal in horses. 

Reduce the Numbers

Homeowners can curb the potential population of mosquitoes in their yards with a few steps. Keep lawns clipped and remove all yard waste. Avoid allowing any stagnant water. Even as little as a cup full of water could become a mosquito breeding ground. Keep windows and doors closed and repair screens to prevent the pests from entering the home. Do not walk pets at dawn or at dusk because this is when mosquitoes are more active. 

Clear the Property

Exterminators use multiple products to kill the adult mosquitoes in the area and destroy the larva of the pests to prevent future problems. They will target areas in the yard that are common gathering and breeding spots for mosquitoes. The pest control company will create a schedule with the homeowner for any additional treatments necessary to prevent re-infestation. Repeated visits during the warmer months of the year may be necessary. 

The use of natural products like lemon oil and citronella can also help to reduce the numbers of mosquitoes and are safe to use along with professional extermination services. Talk to a vet about protecting the pet away from home. Do not apply human insect repellents on animals because they are designed for human use only and can cause severe side effects in pets. 

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