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3 Considerations When Investing In A New Fence

Fences are one of the most important features of a home thanks to the fact that they impact not just security, but appearance and privacy as well. For that reason, at one point or another, many homeowners choose to upgrade their existing fence. Unfortunately, those who do so without considering certain factors often end up having to deal with unintended consequences. If you have plans to invest in a new fence, read on. This article will talk about three important things to consider before moving forward.

Municipal Regulations

Many people spend hours upon hours dialing in their perfect fence, only to find out that it does not comply with the fencing rules and regulations set forth by their town or municipality. Thus you can save yourself serious amounts of time and stress by starting your process with some thorough research. Give the homeowner's association in your area a call and ask about ordinances pertaining to factors like:

  • height of new fences
  • permitted building materials
  • distance between fence and house
  • distance between fence and street

Only once you have a firm grasp on such technical limitations should you move forward with the design process.

Principal Function

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to designing a fence--from aesthetics, to materials, to physical dimensions. Fortunately, you can tackle a lot of these considerations all at once by focusing on one key question: what will be the fence's principal function? For some people, it is privacy; for others, security; for others, a safe and well contained enclosure for pets or children.

Once you nail down the most important purpose of your new fence, you will be surprised how the other design considerations begin to fall into place. For instance, those who prioritize security most highly will quickly be able to rule out fences made from comparatively weaker material such as vinyl. Based on your principal needs, a good fencing contractor will be able to help you narrow down your design options even further.


Those who are so excited about their new fence that they rush right into its construction often unwittingly raise the ire of their next door neighbors. This is only natural, considering that your fence will impact them almost as much as it will you. For that reason, it is wise to pay some friendly visits to discuss your new fence plans long before you break ground. Not only will this given them time to prepare for the potentially intrusive installation process, but it will also allow to voice any concerns or ideas about the fence you plan to put in. 

Talk with some of the fencing contractors in your area for more information.