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Add An Outdoor Dining Area In Front Of The Small Restaurant The You Own

If the property bordering the front of the small restaurant that you own contains sparse sections of grass, you might want to improve the appearance of the area and provide your employees and patrons with space to sit and enjoy beverages and food items. The following steps will assist with transforming the grounds. 


  • rake
  • grass seed
  • seed spreader
  • sprinkler system
  • water hose
  • small shovel
  • flowering plants and shrubs
  • mulch
  • picnic tables
  • bench seats
  • water fountain
  • paving stones
  • solar-powered lights
  • measuring tape

​Plant Grass Seed And Add Flowers And Shrubs

Rake the portion of the property that you would like to add a dining area to. Fill a seed spreader's hopper with grass seed. Adjust the machine's flow lever so that it is open. Move the seed spreader straight across portions of the ground that are lacking grass. Use a sprinkler system to water the grass seed each day. It may take a few weeks for grass blades to emerge from the ground.

Use a small shovel to dig shallow holes around the perimeter of the dining area. Insert a flowering plant's or shrub's root system inside of each hole. Fill the holes with soil and use the back of a shovel to flatten the surface of the ground. Add a layer of mulch around the base of each plant. Choose a color of mulch that complements the colors of the plants and shrubs to draw attention to the newly-planted items. The mulch will prevent weeds from growing next to the plants and shrubs.

Add A Seating Area And Water Feature

Place a few picnic tables and bench seats throughout the outdoor dining area. Add a water fountain next to the furniture. Fill the fountain with water before plugging the water feature's cord into an electrical outlet. Use paving stones to create a border around the fountain. Place an even amount of space between each stone before pressing all of them firmly against the ground's surface. Use mulch to fill in gaps between the stones.

Add Solar-Powered Lights

If your restaurant is open late each night, adding solar-powered lights outside will provide your staff members and patrons with the opportunity to enjoy the seating area when it is dark outside, during work breaks, or visits to your establishment. Press the tip of each stake firmly into the ground until they have all been stabilized. During the day, the solar-powered lights will absorb photons released by the sun's rays. Once it gets dark outside, the photons will be released from the lights, producing soft lighting.

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