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Should You Use Granite for Your Countertops?

Granite is a common counter top material, but is it the right one for your kitchen? Consider these pros and cons. 

It's a Natural, Safe Material

Granite is a natural mineral material that is safe for kitchen use. There is plenty known about the durability, safety, and quality of granite countertops because they have been around for so long. You don't have as much of a guarantee with newer, synthetic counter top materials. 

It's Resistant to Scratches

Granite doesn't scratch up easily. That makes it ideal for the kitchen. While you probably don't want to go cutting vegetables directly on the surface of your counter top, it will hold up nicely to the occasional slip of the knife or the force from a meat tenderizer. 

It's Long-Lasting

Granite countertops should last as long as your kitchen does. That makes it one less thing to worry about when you're planning out your home building budget and trying to predict how much money you'll have to spend in the future on repairs or upgrades. 

They're Classic

Let's not forget that granite countertops are the go-to choice of materials, and so they are a choice that no buyer or apartment renter will question. That makes them a safe choice if you want to install a material that will have resale value. Your buyers will also appreciate that you're gone for a material that will not need to be replaced in 10 years. 

It's Not Easy to Color Match

Looking at a few of the drawbacks of granite, there is one that's obvious: it is not easy to color match. There are a couple of different color profiles you can choose from with a granite surface, but it is not possible to exactly choose whatever color you want. This isn't usually a problem, as there are a lot of other natural and synthetic materials that match well with granite. 

It's Not the Cheapest Option

Granite is also not the cheapest option you can find; you could look into synthetic countertops that cost much less. The granite kitchen countertop appeals to a home owner who is style conscious, wants something that will last a long time, and wants a durable material that they will not have to maintain. If the pros of granite seem to outweigh the cons for you, consult a granite countertop installation team to get some accurate quotes for your kitchen project.