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4 Debunked Myths About Metal Roofing

If the time has come to replace your home's roof, you may be investigating all of your options, including having a metal roof installed. However, you may have heard some negative things about this material that has shed doubt on whether it is a good option for a roof. If so, the following debunked myths about metal roofing can help clear up some of these misconceptions.

Myth #1:  Metal Roofing Costs Much More Than Shingles

One myth you may have heard about metal roofing is that it costs a whole lot more than having shingles installed on your house. However, this is not necessarily the case. 

According to the national average, metal roofing costs $8,187. While the metal roofing costs a little more than shingles, you should also consider that a metal roof lasts much longer than shingles. Also, there is less maintenance and upkeep involved with the metal. Shingles tend to crumble and blow away with time, requiring you to replace small sections when this happens. However, metal tends to be sturdier. The seams are tighter, and they are less likely to peel up and succumb to high winds and heavy downpours.

Myth #2:  Metal Material Attracts Lightning

Another misconception you may have about metal roofing is that the material attracts lightning. You may believe that having a metal roof will increase your chances of having your home struck by lightning, causing a fire that results in catastrophic damage. However, the metal itself does not increase these chances. Since lightning tends to gravitate towards the highest target, it will not bypass trees or poles to target your house.

And, even if there is a freak occurrence and lightning does strike the roof, there is little chance of it starting a fire. Metal is an extremely efficient conductor of electricity, and it won't spontaneously catch on fire. More than likely, the electricity from the lightning will dissipate through the metal, leaving your home unharmed.

Myth #3:  Metal Roofs Are Noisy During Rainstorms

One thing that may be turning you off from installing a metal roof on your home is that you may have heard they are noisy. You may decide against using metal because you don't want to hear every drop of rain during a storm.

While in the old days metal roofs may have been notorious for creating a racket whenever it rained, this problem is no longer an issue. Those old roofs had no insulation between the metal and the houses, providing no soundproofing.

However, nowadays metal roofs are usually installed right over your existing roof, with an insulated underlayment in between the old and new materials. This layering provides ample insulation from noise, so you should not hear the rain any louder than you do right now with your current roof.

Myth #4:  Metal Roofing Makes Your House Hot/Cold

Another misconception about metal roofing is that it will either keep your home too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. This myth stems from the same reason some people believe metal makes more noise during rainstorms—lack of insulation.

Because of the layering underneath the metal panels, there is more than enough insulation to keep air from escaping from your home, helping to maintain the correct temperature. This insulation also helps keep the heat from the sun's rays from penetrating your home, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer.

After clearing up a few misconceptions about metal roofing, you may decide to further investigate this option for your home. If so, contact metal roof manufacturers for more information and to discuss your options for having a custom roof installed on your home.