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Is Cable Railing The Finishing Product For Your Deck?

Are you looking for an interesting and unique way to rail the deck on your home? If you're looking for some inspiration that'll not only keep people from falling off of the edge of the deck, but will also create an interesting look, it might be time to think about having a cable railing installed by a company like Tampa Bay Hand Railings. Here, you'll find a few tips that may help you dress up the basic cable railing and finish your deck beautifully.

Benefits of Cable Railings

There are many benefits to choosing cable railings for the deck on your home, but the two most beneficial are the unobstructed view that the railing offers and the ease of care and maintenance of the materials.

The cable railing will outlast natural wood decking if you don't do your part in taking care of the decking, so think about the value that adds to your home – you may have to resurface the deck at some point, but the railing will last many, many years before you need to even think about replacing it.

Light Them Up

If you want an illuminated railing for your deck, the cable railing may be the solution. You have a few different options to consider.

First, you can have a wood-plank top rail on the railing. Underneath that rail, lights can be mounted. This will create a beautiful down-light on the deck's surface without taking away from the late-night view.

Another option is to run cable lighting in the same manner as the cables are run. Adding one or two strands of lights can provide enough lighting to keep you safe and do some after-dark entertaining. Some of these cable light sets are even programmable, so you can change the color of the lights, dim them, and set them to turn on and off at a certain time.

Easy Decorating

Do you enjoy decorating for the holidays and parties that you host? If so, that cable railing will give you all sorts of opportunities to get creative. Since all that you'll need to hang things on the railing is a zip tie or bread tie, you'll be able to hang pretty much anything that isn't too heavy right on the railing. When the party is over, a quick snip of the scissors and the decorations are down.

Talk with your local cable railing contractor to find out what it'll take to finish your deck with a long-lasting cable railing this year.