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Three Ways To Add Hardscaping To Your Yard With Natural Stone Products

If you're like most people who love to garden, your outdoor living space is undoubtedly brimming with thriving flowers, shrubs, vines, vegetables, herbs, and trees — and you're probably proud of the way it looks. However, you may also feel as if it's somehow missing something but can't quite put your finger on what that might be. A lack of hardscaping elements is the most common reason why an otherwise beautifully landscaped yard nonetheless has an unfinished appearance. Hardscaping refers to anything in the outdoor living space that has both design and functionality benefits, such as stepping stones and fountains. Fortunately, there is such a wide variety of hardscaping options that there's something to enhance any yard, especially when working with a versatile material such as natural stone. 

Following are just three of the many ways that you can give your outdoor living space that finishing touch that pulls it all together using natural precast stone products.   

Water Features

Those wishing to introduce water features such as fountains, ponds, and birdbaths to their outdoor living space can't go wrong with the solid, luxurious look provided by natural stone. It's solid, durable, is extremely low-maintenance, and will just keep looking better and better with age. As an added bonus, its presence in your hardscaping elements have the potential to increase the value of your property. for the ultimate water feature, consider having a backyard waterfall installed.


Garden statuary is a great way to accent herb or perennial gardens, and consumers have options ranging from cute and whimsical to fully fledged classic. If you're a woodland animal lover, for instance, you can populate your outdoor living space with stone deer, rabbits, bears, and replications of other wild creatures. If a classic ambiance is more your style, dress up your culinary herb garden with reproductions of iconic statues from the Renaissance era, and if you appreciate original creativity, look for small-batch statuary made by local craftspeople. 

Garden Paths

Well-defined garden paths bring balance and structure to the overall picture as well as help protect your lawn by providing a place to walk. Stone paths can wind among flower and herb gardens, through groves of trees, and even through vegetable and berry patches for an authentic Old Country look. Depending on design, they can be made to look as casual or as formal as you want. 

Your local landscape designer can help you brainstorm the ideal hardscaping solution that adds a final layer of polish to the appearance of your outdoor living space.