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Benefits Of Staging A Home

Staging is the preparation of a home for sale by adding different furnishings and decorations. The process is often used before an open house. However, the home may remain staged for as long as it is on the market. If the seller continues to reside in the staged space, they may be asked to try to keep the home as tidy as possible to avoid detracting from the staged look. Some sellers may even temporarily avoid the use of certain areas of their home to ensure the space remains ready for showings. If you are planning to sell your home, you may be considering staging. Here are a few benefits.

The Home Won't Look Like It Belongs to You

Potential buyers may have a difficult time seeing themselves and their families in a space that appears to be personalized for the seller. Photos of your family members and friends, along with your favorite eclectic furnishings, can individualize a space. Even a certain color scheme can make a space seem less neutral, if it is dominated by your favorite hue. Staging specialists use furnishings and decor that appear neutral, much like the interior design of a beautiful hotel. Because the space needs to appeal to as many people as possible to maximize the chance of your home selling, neutral decorations are best.

The Home May Appear Newer

Up-to-date furnishings can give an old space a fresh new look, especially when they are selected by design specialists. Staging professionals often use new furniture to stage a home.  Before applying their design, they analyze the dimensions and feel of a room. They use their analyses to apply furnishings that maximize the appeal of the space. Older, worn, and out-dated items are removed, before the staging furniture is applied. Nevertheless, if a beautiful antique works well in a space, the staging designers may use it.

The Home May Look Larger

The furnishings and decorations used during staging are scaled to match the dimensions of your home. Often, homeowners purchase furniture, only to later realize that the pieces are so large that they dominate the space. Buyers often prefer a spacious property. As a result, the home is staged in a manner that showcases its square footage.

The Home May Sell for a Higher Price

Because a staged home appears modern, spacious, and well-kept, it may sell for a higher price. In some cases, competing buyers may even offer an amount that exceeds the listing price.

If you would like to learn more about staging, schedule a consultation with a company like The Staging Team.