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Don't Forget To Look For These Three Issues When You Rent A Two-Bedroom

A two-bedroom apartment for you and your friend is a great way to cut living costs. While the overall rent of the two-bedroom is more expensive than a one-bedroom, of course, you can get your own room for much less than a one-bedroom once you take the split rent into account. You don't have to share a room, and if you can get a two-bath model, you don't even have to share that room, either. Before you rent, however, remember to look at these three issues to ensure you and your roommate agree on how these should be handled or decided.

Dual Masters

Most two-bed/two-bath apartments have one master bedroom with an attached bath — meaning no one can access it from outside the bedroom — and one bedroom with another bath that's next to the room or down the hall. However, some have dual masters, in which both bedrooms and bathrooms are attached. This offers a couple of advantages: One, no one is in the position of having the bathroom that anyone can walk into and use, and two, both residents have increased privacy when walking between their bedrooms and bathrooms. For the person who was originally going to get the "unattached" room, a dual master can be a big step up. They do tend to cost more in rent, however.

Guest Bathroom Access

If you're in a two-bed/two-bath where the second bathroom is accessible from a hallway, you and your roommate have to make a decision. When a guest is over, do they use the bathroom of the person they are friends with or do they automatically use the accessible bathroom? In other words, if you have the master bedroom, and your friend comes over and needs to use the bathroom, do they use yours and walk through your bedroom, or do they use the one in the hall? Keep in mind, that second option means the other resident doesn't really have their own bathroom, and you may want to adjust the rent in response. 

Bedroom, Kitchen, and Living Room Proximity

You'll often find two-beds where the smaller bedroom is just right off the living room or kitchen. That can create a lot of noise for the occupant of that room, not to mention send a lot of cooking fumes straight into the room. Whoever is taking the smaller room needs to be aware of this, and you both need to come to an agreement about noise and very fragrant cooking. If you can't, you need to look for a model where both rooms have sufficient distance between them and the kitchen and living room.

Keep looking for two-bedroom apartments for rent. Finding the right two-bedroom can take time. The search is worth it, however, when you find a place that really works for you both.