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Residential Awning Fabricators: Outdoor Spaces 2.0

If you're looking to transform an outdoor living space you need to provide protection from the elements. Residential awning fabricators can provide shade, protection from the elements, and style in ways that you just can't get from big-box retailers.

Here are some of the most innovative residential awning fabricator styles to consider when redesigning an outdoor space.

Smart Tech

Residential awning fabricators aren't luddites, they are hip to the fact that home tech is now one of the biggest drivers of home remodeling projects.

  • Solar Independence: one of the biggest inhibitors adding features like motorized awning mounts is hard-wiring a power source. Residential awning fabricators have started integrating energy and cost-efficient solar-powered nods to their designs to circumvent hard-wiring new designs. This allows for innovative awning solutions in areas where power sources are scant. When you're considering a solar-powered nod system, it's almost always worth the extra money to opt for a system with a larger wattage capacity. These systems will often last longer and offer more versatility.
  • Home Hubs: almost all new home remodeling projects involve integrating synchronized home hubs that control everything from your thermostat to your WiFi prioritization. Residential awning fabricators can connect your new outdoor space to this hub, giving you the power to augment features via your smartphone. Before settling on products and brands, make sure that your residential awning fabricator looks at potential compatibility issues. Not all smart tech features play nicely with one another.

Environmentally Sustainable

Many homeowners want their remodeling projects to add living space and also make their homes more energy-efficient. Your residential awnings fabricator can add living space that also reduces your home's energy footprint.

  • Fans: sometimes old school technology can be the answer to even the most contemporary problems. Many residential home fabricators can integrate fans that increase airflow while consuming minimal amounts of energy.
  • Shade: similar to fans, optimizing shade can be the most effective and old school solution for increasing the comfort of an outdoor space. The best residential awning fabricators will use complex algorithms to figure out how to get the most natural shade from the designs they offer you. This involves figuring out direction, elevation, and spatial placement in the environment. Once these metrics are calculated, your residential awning fabricator can create a design that offers more shade without requiring more building materials. They can also examine prevailing wind directions to promote more natural airflow.