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5 Steps To Prepare For Your Garage Reorganization

Do you want to reclaim your garage from all the stored stuff that's ended up in it over the years? Many people find that their garage isn't as useful as it could be due to the sheer volume of things that take up space inside. Organizing this space can help you get all that precious square footage back in use. But before you roll open the overhead door and start hauling boxes, take these steps to prepare for this monumental task. 

1. Purge the Easy Stuff 

Purging the easy items should be your first step. This doesn't have to be the only round of purging, of course. You may not know everything you can get rid of until you start on the actual organization. But a first pass can help get rid of the big, bulky, and obvious items. 

2. Make a List

As you start going through the stored stuff, make a written list of items that you plan to keep in the garage. Writing down things helps ensure you don't forget anything and that you can accurately gauge the space needed for different things. It also helps you prioritize storage space if not everything will fit. 

3. Create Zones

Categorize your list of storage goods into logical groupings. This might include gardening equipment, winter sports gear, summer outdoor gear, and repair tools. Depending on the size needed for each category, decide where to place the zone for that grouping. Include space for ongoing work, such as a workbench, car parking, or your home business inventory. 

4. Use a Storage System

Professional garage storage and organizational systems save you a lot of time and effort. These pre-planned organizational sets are specifically designed to accommodate the common goods in a garage and to fit different garage uses. They do much of the hard work for you. 

5. Personalize Your Storage

Every homeowner has slightly different things they need to keep in the garage. A woodworker may need a different space than a crafter. It's okay to have individualized organization needs. By recognizing where your needs are very specific, you can find a storage solution that prevents them from becoming an obstacle. 

As you prepare to reorganize your garage, taking the time to follow these 5 steps will ensure that the job is manageable and that it results in success. Start today by learning more about garage storage solutions and how they could wrangle all your stuff.