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Choose A Patio Heater That Offers These Things

Carefully assessing a number of different patio heaters will help to ensure that you buy the right one for your needs. While you'll need to decide what type of heater you want — for example, a free-standing model versus one that mounts overhead — you should also take stock of what features are available in each model. Your patio heater is something that you may use several times a week during months that are cool, so it's important to buy a product with features that you'll appreciate. Here are some things that may be available.

Remote Control

Many patio heaters come with remote controls, which is something that you'll likely appreciate on numerous occasions. You may wish to adjust the temperature of your heater several times throughout an evening of sitting on the patio. For example, you might run the device at its hottest setting for a while, and then reduce the heat once everyone is warm enough. It's handy to be able to make this change with a couple of taps on the remote control from wherever you're seated, rather than having to get up and physically adjust the heater.

Built-In Light

There are many different ways that you can light your patio when you're using it during the evening. One thing that you should keep in mind is that many patio heaters are equipped with built-in lights. Often, this light source can provide all the light that you need while you sit on the patio after the sun goes down. If you're in favor of keeping your home's exterior lights turned off because they brighten the patio too much, a patio heater with a small built-in light that creates a pleasant glow around your patio will be a product to look for.

Substantial Weight

If you're planning to buy a free-standing patio heater, you'll want to check the weight of each model that you assess. While a lighter heater might initially seem convenient because it will be easy to move wherever you wish, heaters that are designed to have heavy bases can be a safer choice. The heavier a patio heater's base is, the more resistant it will be to toppling over. Children and pets can inadvertently bump into a patio heater, but a device that is heavy will be unlikely to fall and sustain damage. Visit a home and patio supply store to browse its selection of patio heaters.