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Crucial Rooftop Tent Features For Winter Camping

If you're a camping enthusiast, you don't need to give up on this activity once autumn ends. Instead of packing your gear away until spring, you can continue to take camping outings. Winter camping can be a lot of fun, especially if you plan to enjoy activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, and ice fishing during your trips. Many people who camp during the winter do so with a tent mounted to the rooftop of their vehicle. You don't want to just buy any rooftop tent, however. You should focus on choosing one that has the following features for winter.

Thick Material

Rooftop tents are available in a few different materials, including canvas, with each option offering its own advantages. Whatever material you prefer, it's important for you to select a tent in which the material is thick. While thin material can make a tent feel airy and fresh during the hot days of summer, this isn't what you want for a winter excursion. The thicker the material, the better job that it will do of keeping the cold and wind at bay. This can be pivotal in providing comfort while you're inside of the tent.

Waterproof Coating

You also want to choose a rooftop tent that is rated as waterproof. While this feature can be useful in the summer, it's imperative in the winter. If you end up camping when it's snowing, your tent will be covered with snow. The heat from your body inside of the tent can often melt this snow, but if the tent material is waterproof, the water will run off it to the ground below. Without a waterproof-rated tent, the melted snow could soak through the fabric — leaving you wet and likely very cold by morning.

USB Outlet

While a built-in USB outlet in your rooftop tent can be handy in a number of ways over the summer, it's a must-have feature if you're planning to camp in the winter. You can buy a small USB-powered heater that you can connect to the USB outlet in the tent and provide a welcome source of heat. This can especially be important if you plan to do some solo camping. While the heat from two peoples' bodies can add considerable warmth to a tent during the winter, you may find that your body on its own doesn't generate enough heat. With a USB heater nearby, you'll stay comfortable.

To learn more, contact a company that supplies vehicle rooftop tents.