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Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Guards

One of the best ways to ensure that your roof is protected is to invest in gutter guards. Gutter guards play an important role in protecting your roof, and they also help you maintain your roof through all types of weather situations. No matter your goals for your home in the coming future, gutter guards are important. These are some of the questions people often have before they buy these guards.

How Do Gutter Guards Protect Your Home?

Gutter guards can actually do more than you think to protect your home. They prevent leaves and other debris from getting caught in your gutters, allowing you to keep gutters clear for water to pass through them.

Ultimately, these guards divert water away from the home. You don't have to worry about water overfilling the gutters or backing up to the roof whether it could ruin your roof or your foundation.

What Types of Gutter Guards Are There?

Several types of gutter guards are available, and your selection might be based on your desired installation method or preferred materials. You might have some idea of the kinds of gutters you want based on a general description.

Mesh is one popular choice due to its flexibility and durability. Mesh can also be cut easily so that you can shape it to fit your needs. Mesh can be a good option if you want to install gutter guards yourself.

Vinyl is an affordable option that can match your house, providing a more incognito appearance. This type of gutter guard offers an easy installation with few tools required and is durable to outlast the elements.

Some people prefer steel. Steel is heavy and durable, which means it is more likely to catch debris before it becomes a problem. Plus, you can easily install steel or have somebody install it for you.

Are Gutter Guards the Only Way to Protect Gutters?

There are other steps you can take to protect your home's gutters. For example, you can have your gutters and your roof inspected regularly. You can also clean them out at least once per season to prevent the accumulation of debris.

Which Gutter Guards Are Right For You?

You have so many gutter guard options available that it makes sense that you might want to speak with a professional. Speaking with a pro can help you determine which gutter guard is right for your home.