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A Themed Basket That Represents The Bluebonnet Plant Species

Bluebonnet plants are lupines. They contain tapered spikes that showcase a series of bonnet-shaped blooms. This plant variety gives off a mild aroma. The bluebonnet species may be featured at a retail shop. A bluebonnet retail shop's merchandise may provide you with inspiration about some of the stocking stuffers or main gifts that you will ultimately give to your loved ones this holiday season. 

Bluebonnet Products

Floral products have been enjoyed by people for many centuries. A bluebonnet plant that contains deep blue blooms can be planted outdoors or showcased in a container. A shop that places emphasis on the bluebonnet species may sell a series of natural and manmade products.

Natural products include seed kits and potted plants. Manmade products may include candles, soaps, wall hangings, and other items that are designed for household use. Glass candle holders may contain painted or printed bluebonnet designs. Candles may be a deep blue color and may be scented with actual bluebonnet plants. Fabric merchandise may contain hand or machine-stitched pictures of bluebonnets. A retail shop may sell products that youngsters, teens, and adults can enjoy.

Gift Basket Ideas

A gift basket can be filled with an assortment of bluebonnet products. A basket can be used to hold a series of gifts that will be given to many people within a family or can be used to display gifts that one recipient will be given. Wicker, palm, or bamboo baskets are made with all-natural materials that will coincide with the natural theme that you may be promoting by giving bluebonnet gifts to your friends and family.

A dark blue ribbon can be tied around the handle of a gift basket. Gift items that will be placed inside of the basket can rest on top of a foam layer or multiple sheets of tissue paper. If a gift basket is going to be assembled by a consumer, they may want to purchase some cellophane wrap that they can use to contain the gift items inside of the basket.

First, all of the bluebonnet gift items should be laid out across a table that is being used while preparing a basket. Next, individual gifts can be wrapped or can be left unwrapped. Gift tags or labels should be filled out and reflect the name of the person who will be receiving each item that is within a basket. Cellophane wrap can be secured around the basket of gifts.

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