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Gutter Guards - A Residential Protection System

Gutter guards are inserts or covers that protect sections of your gutters on your home. Learn how investing in gutter guards can benefit you, then choose a gutter guard design that is compatible for use with your residential gutters.

Clean And Unclogged

Gutter guards trap pine needles, leaves, and twigs. They prevent wet materials from staining or clogging gutter sections. If you occasionally are inconvenienced by needing to remove clumps of leaves from gutter sections, the addition of gutter guards will drastically cut back on the maintenance that needs to be performed.


Rodents and insects often scurry through open gutters. Pests may be in search of food or an area where they can make a nest. Once gutter guards are installed, incurring a pest infestation will not be likely.


Regions that experience heavy rain and snow have gutter sections in danger of becoming clogged. When temperatures plummet, moisture will freeze. If ice builds up inside of gutter sections, the rain will not effectively drain through the downspout. The use of gutter guards prevents ice buildup. 

Versatile Products

Screen mesh, foam, and nylon are some materials that gutter guards are made of. A gutter guard product line may include mesh products of varying grades. Gutter insert pieces may consist of foam or flexible sections that contain bristles.

When shopping for gutter guards, use the dimensions of the gutter pieces that you own to guide you in choosing guard products. Guard products should be long and wide enough to provide adequate protection.

If you decide to purchase gutter covers, they should fit snugly across the top of each gutter piece. Some gutter covers contain snaps or hardware that will keep the covers stable.

Cleaning Strategies

Prepare a cleaning solution that can be used to clean the gutter pieces. Stand on a ladder to support reaching each gutter piece. Use a scraper to remove loose debris from the gutters. Then use a sponge and a cleaning agent to clean the inside of each gutter section. Once finished, rinse out the inside of each gutter section. Wait for the gutter sections to dry.

Simple Installations

Review the instructions that came with the gutter guards that you have purchased. The instructions will indicate if you need to use any tools while installing the guards. Some simple gutter guard designs may only require that you line up the pieces and snap them onto the gutter sections. Stand on a ladder when installing the gutter guards.

For more information about gutter guards, reach out to a local supplier.